Because every companies need COUNTE.RS is the easiest way to share a high level dashboard focus of transformation funnels. With, your team will be focus on the right objectives!

See the official dashboard of COUNTE.RS here

Steps to create and share your dashboard

1. Get the keys of your dashboard

After registration, you will receive you 3 personnal keys:
  • API Key : this key is used during API requests
  • Admin Key : this key is used in couple with API key in order to access to dashboard management interface
  • Public Key : this key is used to share your dashboard with other people
You will also receive the urls of your administration pannel. If you loose those informations, you just have to re-enter your email in the registration form and you'll receive your data.

2. Create your counters with easy to use web apis

To use api, you have to know your <api_key> and the <name> of your counter. No need to create a counter. If it doesn't exist, the counter will be created. To use api, just open one of the next urls with http method GET.

Add 1 GET<api_key>/<name>/add

Add X GET<api_key>/<name>/add/<X>

Subtract 1 GET<api_key>/<name>/sub

Substract X GET<api_key>/<name>/sub/<X>

example Add 1 to "sample" counter GET

3. Configure funnel and your goals

Go in your administration pannel. You will see all your created counters. If no counters are created, you can use your favorite web browser to quickly create your counters based on the url pattern ADD 1.

For each counter, you can set :

  • the visibility in the dashboard
  • the readable name of the counter
  • the value
  • the goal

To add counter in the funnel, just select in the "Add in funnel" list the counters you wanna to add in the order you want to see them

You will see transition between 2 counters, it's the transformation rate between your counters. You can configure this rate :

  • by defining the kind of rate: Pourcent or Multiple
  • by setting a goal to the rate. (for pourcent 90% = 0.9)

4. Share the dashboard with your team, compagnies, customers

A tranformation funnel is fantastic tool to help a team to quickly see where to focus its effort. was built to be displayed on shared screen in an open space, so we encouraged you to try this kind of sharing. In many teams, is used as a team building tool! Strange isn't it?

To share your dashboard, you just have to send the public url you received the url of your dashboard with your apis keys.